Syyskuu – September

This month it got a bit colder, the bright green nature started fading away and Autumn colours started showing by the end of the month. I moved host families in September to my final family. I have two host sisters who still live at home and three host brothers that have moved out of the… Read more »

Heinäkuu – July

Moi At the of July I took a trip to Oulu to stay with my oldies for a few days. They only had about a week or two left in Finland so I had to say goodbye to them which was hard but I am excited to meet the new exchange students in August. We… Read more »

Elokuu – August

So this month school started. I was excited to go back and see all my friends after the summer but not so much for the early mornings. This school year two new exchange students came to Nivala from USA and Hong Kong. It was really nice to finally have some more exchange students here. After… Read more »

Kesäkuu – June

June was the month of Eurotour which was so exciting but also meant I was close to my halfway point, something I cannot come to terms with. Summer holidays have come finally and almost straight after school ended I travelled on a train down to Helsinki for Eurotour! We started in Estonia and travelled through… Read more »


Moikka May was a pretty busy month for me. I was travelling somewhere almost every weekend, changed host families and at the end of the month, finished up school until August. On the 1st of May there is a holiday in Finland called Vappu and there is many big celebrations and parties. My second host… Read more »


In April I wasn’t very busy and for the majority of it I was in Nivala.  In the first week my friend came to visit and I showed them around Nivala (which didn’t take long ahaha). We took a train to Oulu for the day and met up with my third host sister and her… Read more »


I know it’s a bit late but this is what my March has been like!  It’s started to get a bit warmer and the days are getting much longer, spring is coming and the snow is melting. This month I’ve had quite a few firsts. First time downhill skiing, seeing reindeer and crossing the arctic… Read more »


  Moi, This month has been filled with so many new experiences and challenges. Everyday I learn something, either about myself, about this amazing country or even just a new Finnish word. I’ve already been here for over a month and I can’t even process that in my brain, I don’t think I will ever… Read more »

Karkku Pt.2 and meeting my first host family!

  KESKIVIIKO – WEDNESDAY On Wednesday morning I had Finnish lessons for about three hours and then at about lunchtime we took a bus to the city of Tampere. The weather wasn’t very nice unfortunately, but it was still a great trip. First we had a guided tour around some parts of the city. We went… Read more »

Arriving and Karkku Pt.1

Moi, This is my first blog post here in Finland and there will be more to come, probably once a month. Enjoy x ARRIVING After about 25 hours in the air, eleven excited Aussies landed in Helsinki. The last flight from Heathrow to Helsinki was stunning [I had the window seat] as we saw hundreds… Read more »